How about squirrel for dinner?

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How about squirrel for dinner?

Rakesh Nair

To coincide with his appearance on Jimmy Jamie’s Friday Night Feast on Channel 4 (the programme airs 13th February), Head Chef at one of DR’s favourite curry restaurants, The Cinnamon Club’s Rakesh Nair has a rather unusual dish featuring on the menu.

Rakesh will be serving Rajasthani-spiced grey squirrel… yes you heard right! The grey squirrel is not a dish that you would normally associate with restaurant dining, however squirrel is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance with chefs in London.

Eating squirrel isn’t new, in times of hardship squirrel was often found on the dinner table in the UK, in fact there’s even a squirrel appreciation day (21st January)! To create this unusual dish Chef Rakesh marinated the legs and shoulders with coriander, cloves, garlic, chilli and pineapple juice, before cooking in the tandoor. The belly is then braised and then made into a kadhai-style stir-fry with peppers and onion. Chef has chosen to pair this dish alongside the Friulano At Aquila del Torre, Friuli from Italy – this typically full bodied wine with moderate acidity and floral aromas compliments the nutty, yet sweet flavours of the squirrel.

  • Rajasthani spiced grey squirrel kebab Kadhai style stir-fry of squirrel, pickled vegetables, coriander chutney and garlic naan £22 per person
  • Friulano At Aquila del Torre, Friuli, Italy, 2011 Glass (125ml) £8.90 Bottle (750ml) £49.00

This truly unique dish will be served at The Cinnamon Club as a special addition to their usual A la Carte menu from 9th until 21st February.

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